Your restaurant in Seville to savor Argentina

Argentine Grill Steakhouse

Argentine Grill Steakhouse

If you still don’t know the Argentine grill,everything is around the grilled meats with holm oak carbon or firewood from the best areas of the Sierra de Andalucia. Of course, in the Grill Milonga’s in addition to the typical meats of Argentina, you can taste another flavortypical of the different areas of that country.

In Argentina we do not understand the Argentine roast unaccompanied typical as, Creole empanada (stuffed with minced meat, onion, hard-boiled egg and olive), Creole sausages (typical Creole bathed in chimichurri sauce), beef gizzards with its lemon and cheese point melted provolone grilled.

All meats, of course, prepared on the grill in the heat of the embers, which gives the environment a very particular climate, because the aroma of charcoal spreads every inch giving the whole restaurant a pleasant feeling.

When you visit this Argentine grill,I recommend that you see a menu carefully, and that the staff explain the different types of meat that are available on the menu, and what is the recommended point for each type of meat.